Sitting Position for long-time

While working in front of the computer, watching television or reading, writing, In lateral or side view Ear and shoulder should be almost in close vertical lines(Figure-11A) , Not merely in same line because by nature itself its not in same straight line ,also in this position head is close to the line of gravity(Figure-11), If the head is close to the line of gravity the magnitude of the gravitational force will be less,so the muscle activity and strain is less in this, deviation in forward and backward bending of whole neck can be corrected. Another thing while seeing the monitor the line which connects the eyes and the center point of the monitor should be strait(Figure-11A). If the eyes and the center point of the monitor are in strait line head will be maintain in neutral position. In this abnormal forward and backward rotation of head can be corrected. Abnormal forward and backward rotation of head create upper neck problems, Always head should be maintain in neutral position, because some of my patient having double vision, they use to get neck pain while they rotate the head too much toward backward, At the same time abnormal forward rotation also create pain especially person who keep the cell phone below the level of chest and sending sms use to get this upper neck problem(pain). The sideward bending of the neck while using mobile(Figure-12) causes muscle contracture and ligament shortening on the ipsilateral side( bended side) and stretches the muscles and ligaments contralatrally present,the repeated above activity displace the neck bones laterally(sideward) which compresses the nerve and causes pain.

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