How to carry bags

As i explained above If the line of gravity falls close to the body, muscle strain will be less. While carrying weight on the back(with two shoulder support)the line of gravity will shift posteriorly(backward),To compensates this posterior shifting of the line of gravity, our body tends to bend forward, this create an angulation in the spinal bones, due to this angulation spinal bone or intervertebral disc will shift posteriorly from its original position and compress the spinal cord create pain. If a person carries the bag in a higher position (middle back area)(Figure-A) this angulation will form near the lower neck and create lower neck pain. But in the same time if the person carries the bag little lower (Figure-B) this angulation will form in the middle back and create middle back pain(D-4 syndrome). That is why people use trekking bags which are long as the weight is spread evenly on the back and prevent angulation. To avoid these problem, instead of carrying weight on the back we can carries in front of the body as we carries the child, , In this position angulation will not form even if it forms it won’t affect the spinal cord because spinal cord passes behind the inter vertebral disc, here the angulation will not create any impact to slip the intervertebral disc posteriorly(backward) and the anterior slip can be prevented by longitudinal ligaments. But cosmetically carrying weight in front of the body is not possible. If anyone wants to carry heavy weight in the back they must strengthen the upper back extensors(concentric type of exercises must be advise).To prevent backward angulation problem a person can carry weight on one shoulder but here also weight should be less. Shoulder is supported with skeleton(spinal bones of the neck) by some muscles, if the muscles connecting the shoulder to the neck are strong it will keep the shoulder intact with the spinal bones whereas weak muscles cannot. When we carry heavy weight with our hand on one side(Figure-C)the muscles supporting the upper limb with the spinal bones will pull the vertebral bone towards the side(Lateral displacement) and compress the peripheral nerve and create pain.(weight lifters usually get this problem) To prevent this problem.*The muscles supporting the shoulder with the spinal bones must be strengthened(especially the upper fibers of the trapezius muscles).* person must carry less weight *Very often we have to change the weight from one side to other(left to right) to give rest.

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