Driving Position

While driving two wheeler elbow joint must be relaxed or flexed(partially bend)(Figure-13) , In this while applying break, whole body will move forward, means movement axis is shifted from neck region to lower back area(Figure-14) . According to physics “Moving object have an external force”, Newton’s first law, the law of inertia stated that “an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion unless any unbalanced force acted upon it” here the uniform motion is maintained by above explained external force.

Because of this, to adjust this external force while get down from the running bus person must run along with the bus for some distance, while driving two wheeler this external force will act along the whole body when applying break if you keep your elbow stiff or extended(straight) (Figure-15) up to the shoulder level of our body become immobilized, so movable part is neck only, Now this external force act on the head and bend it forward(Figure-16) , repeated and forcible forward bending causes ligament and muscle strain at the neck region, if ligament or muscle gets torn, to fuse this torn muscle, our body tends to deposit osteophytes(or calcium) and in the process deposition will compress the nerve and create pain.

Whereas if the elbows are held in a flexed position(Figure-13) the movement axis is shifted from neck region to lower back area(figure-14) and in this position pain will not occur as the body will have to move a longer distance which requires more time to reach the extreme position(figure-17) which instigates pain in the lower back but the body will adjusts itself before reaching such an extreme position, hence this posture is recommended.

According to Newton’s 2nd law(law of acceleration) F=ma,(F-force),(m-mass),(a-acceleration) Here the above explained external force depends or directly proportional to two things one is mass(size of the head)another one is acceleration(speed of the vehicle) wearing helmet will increase the mass so lot of my patient complains “after i start wearing helmet got neck pain”. if the mass increase the external force will also increase as a result while applying break this force will create more impact on the neck.

The speed of the vehicle also increase this external force. So to prevent neck pain weight of the helmet and the speed of the vehicle must be reduced. The above explained thing may happened in the four wheeler while driving with the seat belt to prevent neck pain you can avoid seat belt for short distance, for life safety we must use seat belt for long distance. According to the level of handle bar: The line which connect both the left and right handle bar must be parallel to the axial line of the two wheeler both in transverse plane(Figure-18) and frontal plane (Figure-19) mean frond & back level and up & down level of both right and left handle bar must be same. If anybody want to modify the handle bar you can modified in any style but the holding level of your hand must be maintain below the level of your chest(heart)

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