Knee Pain -Explained

Our Doctor invited to the Famous Tamil television channel “Podhigai” for a special program called “Maruthuva Neram” to explain about Knee joint pains. And He explains how physiotherapy treatment would save you from the surgeries.

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Wrist and Hand Pain

Wrist and hand pain Wrist joint is very important and highly flexible joint in our body. Wrist is made up of the 8 carpal bones and the distal ends of radius and ulna(fore arm bones).Distal to this carpal bones 5 metacarpals(bones present in the palm area of the hand) are present .These metacarpal bones are

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Elbow Pain

     Elbow Pain What is the Structure of elbow Joint: Before see about the elbow problem we must know about the basic structure of the elbow joint. Elbow joint is formed by lower end of humerus (arm bone) and upper ends of radius and ulna (fore arm bones) (Figure 9-1) . The articulating surface of

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Speech Problems

Speech Problems One of the important communicating skills for human being is speech. First we must know how the sound is produced inside the throat. In our throat there are Four important cartilages which are responsible for the production of sound they are Thyroid, cricoid, Arytenoid, corniculate(Figure-S) when the air is expired from the lungs

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Shoulder Pain

   Shoulder Pain Shoulder joint is one of the joints with a wide range of mobility and also it has mobility in all directions. There are numerous reasons for the occurrence of shoulder pain which is dealt with in this section: Basic structure of shoulder Joint: The shoulder joint is a bony junction of the

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Facial Palsy

Facial Palsy In facial palsy one side of the facial muscles gets paralyzed because of which the other side of the muscles pulls the face to the opposite side(Figure-F)   . The nerve control to the facial muscles originates from the outer area of the cerebral cortex (brain)(Figure-F-1). 85% of such nerve bundle crosses near the internal

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  Sinus or sinusitis Sinusitis is a very common problem faced by many today. Sinuses are hollow cavities  in the skull bone. In Sinusitis  inner wall of the sinus is lined by mucous membranes get inflamed or infected when there is accumulation of fluid or pus causing infection, allergy or autoimmune issues, in the sinus cavity. This

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Jaw Pain

  Jaw Pain Jaw joint is otherwise called as Temporo-mandibular joint(TMJ),because this joint made by two bones temporal bone(side bone of skull)and mandible bone(lower jaw bone) (figure-6-1) These joints located just in front of the ear. These joints are very frequently engaged while talking, eating, yawning etc Articular surfaces (moving surface) of bones are covered by fibrocartilage,

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